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Whether you’re keen to give it a go yourself or want to give a unique and memorable gift to a friend or family member, our vouchers offer the perfect solution for those interested in gliding.

We offer two types of voucher, which can be redeemed at any of the 70+ participating BGA clubs. Both types of voucher offer a taste of this exhilarating sport, with the opportunity to fly in a two seater glider with a BGA-approved pilot in command.

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If you’re looking to buy a voucher for yourself, a friend or family member simply choose the option you want and follow the link below for more information and to purchase. Delivery is normally within one to two working days.

Go for Gliding

Trial Lesson

BGA-Approved Pilot in Command


Course Length


0.5-1 day

2-3 hours

Who is it for?


Someone wanting the full experience

Someone wanting to experience the thrill

How Many Flights?


Typically 6 winch or 3 aerotow launched flights

Typically 6 winch or 3 aerotow

One aerotow or two winch launched flights

1 aerotow or 2 winch launches

Where can I use the voucher?


Over 30 UK Clubs

70 UK Clubs

Gliding Manual Included


BGA Logbook Included





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