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Once you have decided that you want to learn to fly, the first step is to join a club.

All BGA clubs follow a learning syllabus that will take you right from the earliest stages through to becoming a fully qualified glider pilot. Clubs provide training free of charge with fully qualified BGA instructors and your first target will be to fly solo. Don’t worry – you will only do this when your instructors are certain that you have all the necessary skills to safely take-off, fly and land the glider.

After you’ve successfully flown solo, the training continues, eventually leading to an assessment of your accumulated flying skills and knowledge and knowledge, including in-flight navigation and dealing with unusual situations. At that point you’ll be a fully qualified glider pilot and you’ll be able to apply for a Sailplane Pilot Licence.

Once you are a qualified pilot, the sky really is the limit and, depending on your personal aspirations, you can decide to take advantage of further specialised coaching to develop, for example, into cross-country flying, competition flying, or even glider aerobatics. You can even become an instructor who will train the next generation of pilots.

For further information on becoming a glider pilot, speak to your local club.

So do you think you're ready to give gliding a go?

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