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Who Can Glide?

A clickable map of clubs, together with contacts and links to their web sites can be found here.

If you want to try the sport, or give somebody else the opportunity to experience gliding, you can purchase a trial lesson voucher, valid for one year and redeemable at most clubs by following this link.

As a general rule, gliding is fairly unrestrictive in who can fly. If you aren't sure, then the best thing to do is to ask at the club where you wish to fly. We hope the following guidelines are helpful.


The only age limit in gliding is that you must be 14 to go solo. However, that's not to say that you cannot train with an instructor before 14. Indeed, many trainees go solo on their 14th birthday! There is no upper age limit, although after 65, you will need a doctor to sign once a year that you are fit to fly.

As a general rule there isn't much point trying to learn until you are at least 13 years old, as often youngsters get frustrated when they can't progress further. With younger children, there is also a size problem - it is essential that the straps fit securely, and it's also very helpful if you are big enough to reach the rudder pedals!


Generally being small is not an issue, as you can often be fitted in with the use of cushions, although if you are less than 5 foot, you may find reaching some of the controls difficult. If you are over 6 foot 4 inches, then you may only be able to fit in certain gliders. Again, ask at the club you wish to fly at. If they don't have an appropriate glider, they may know a club that does!


As a general rule, if you are fit enough to drive a car, you are fit enough to fly a glider. Before you fly, you will need to sign a simple medical declaration and, before you fly solo, you will need to get your GP to certify that you meet the same standards that you must meet to drive a car. For more information, please see the medical page. Gliding is suitable for people with a range of disabilities - for more information, see the heading Disabled Gliding.


Again, as with fitness if you can drive a car, you can easily fly a glider. The skill level is similar, and some would even say it's easier to fly!

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