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Registered Office:

British Gliding Association Limited

  • 8 Merus Court
  • Meridian Business Park
  • Leicester
  • LE19 1RJ

Registered No: 422605 England
VAT Registration no: 238 5224 62

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Club and individual contact updates

EASA licences and ratings, Instructors, CFI support, Junior Gliding incl external liaison, Comp numbers, Conference management, BGA stand & simulator bookings, Club accounts

Airworthiness including ARC, Incident & Accident reporting, FAI and BGA badges

General, Trial Lesson Vouchers, Mini Course Vouchers,

S&G Subs, S&G Advertising, FAI Licences, Course Bookings, Seminar Bookings, AGM Conference Bookings, Inspectors



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