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British Gliding Team

About the BGA

British Gliding Association Limited
8 Merus Court
Meridian Business Park
LE19 1RJ

Telephone: +44 (0) 116 289 2956
Fax: +44 (0) 116 289 5025

Registered Office: as above
Registered No: 422605 England
VAT Registration no: 238 5224 62

The British Gliding Association was established in 1929. It is the governing body for the sport of gliding in the United Kingdom. The BGA exists to represent and further the interests of a minority sport in an increasingly competitive environment. Our mission statement is "to provide effective leadership and continuity of gliding and soaring in the U.K."

Current priorities are to support clubs, develop participation and protect the sport and its assets.

Full members of the Association are gliding clubs (of which there are currently 82), that pay annual subscriptions to the BGA based upon the number of individual pilots within each club.

Gliding is fundamentally a volunteer led and run sporting activity. The volunteer activity is supported by a small team of professional staff and contractors.


The BGA is honoured to have HRH the Duke of Edinburgh as its patron.

The BGA Vice Presidents are: C Simpson, R Barrett, B Watson, B Walker, D Dixon, D Roberts and P Naegeli. BGA Chairmen who have served from 1930 to the present are listed here.

Executive & Other Committees

Responsibility for the running of the Association is vested in an elected Board - the Executive Committee - consisting of the Chairman of the Association, the Vice Chairman and the other elected members. Under the Executive Committee there are a number of sub committees each responsible for specific aspects of the organisation. These are: Airspace, Competitions and Awards, Development, Instructors, Safety, Flight Operations, Staff Administration, Technical.

Other Officers

The Executive Committee appoints a number of official volunteer Officers including a Medical Advisor, a Chief Accident Investigator and representatives at various external sporting and regulatory bodies.

Annual Report

BGA Annual Report 2013

Rewarding Volunteers

Volunteers play a vital role in gliding. Without the time and energy of these people the sport would not be able to operate at club, regional or national level.

The BGA has its own long established awards that both recognise and reward volunteer activity. Awards are considered annually. Nominations should be submitted in writing to the BGA office.

BGA Diploma - may be awarded to any individual serving a BGA club or the interests of UK gliding who has been nominated by a BGA club or by the BGA Executive Committee.

BGA Medal - may be awarded to any individual serving the BGA or the broad interests of UK gliding who in the view of the BGA Executive Committee has rendered exceptional service to the British Gliding Association or to UK gliding. A full list of BGA Medal winners is available here.

In addition, in recognition of volunteer activity the BGA may submit nominations to the Royal Aero Club (RAeC) and to the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI). For details, see the RAeC website.


The senior employee of the BGA is the Chief Executive. The full time office manager, two full time administrators and a part time accounts manager are based in the Leicester office. The Association also employs a Training Standards Manager, a part time Communications Officer, a Chief Technical Officer, a Magazine Editor and a part time FAI Badge Officer, and contracts work to Development Officers, Instructor Coaches and an Airworthiness Quality Manager.

Committee Terms of Reference

The terms of reference of the sub-committees are determined by the Executive Committee in consultation with the sub-committee chairmen from time to time.

The Terms of Reference document is currently being revised (August 13)

Child Protection

The BGA recognises that we have a duty of care towards young and vulnerable participants and can help to protect them from abuse. The BGA Child Protection Policy identifies how all BGA clubs should individually develop and implement a Child Protection Policy. Advice for club officials can be obtained from the BGA's Child Protection Lead, Karon Matten at

BGA Child Protection Policy

Equal Opportunities

The BGA actively promotes diversity in employment & sport and welcomes applications from all parts of the community.

BGA Equity & Equal Opportunities Policy

Meet the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee members are all activeglider pilots. The committee is:

Pete Harvey (Chairman)

Pete flies from Bicester and York and is a British Team member. After success in international hang-gliding, he won the European Open Class Gliding Championship in 2005, 2007 and 2009 - an unprecedented achievement. He has a Nimbus 4 glider and a small share in a Robin 400.

Nick Bowers

Nick has been a member of the Bath, Wilts & North Dorset GC for 25 years where he is part of the instructing team, a club committee member, tug pilot, glider inspector and, until recently, the Club Safety Officer. Recently retired from a career in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nick now has the time needed to sit on the BGA Executive Committee at this important time of transition to the EASA era and, just as importantly, more opportunity to enjoy flying his K6e.

Ron Bridges

Ron, who flies at Husbands Bosworth, has over 2000 gliding hours. As well as competing regularly, he has directed championships for many years, including the World Junior Championships. He was chair of the BGA Competitions Committee for 6 years and has held many club committee positions.


Bill Craig

Bill flies from Dunstable and has 5000 flying hours, of which 4000 have been gliding. A BGA Full Rated Instructor, Tug Pilot and active cross-country pilot who particularly enjoys mountain flying, Bill comes from a professional background in business management operating at board level.

David Fidler

David Fidler is an RAF pilot with 39 years experience. He started gliding in 1996, holding a number of managerial positions in the RAF GSA before becoming its Chairman for three years. A keen glider pilot, David particularly enjoys cross-country and mountain flying.


Lisa Humphries

Lisa has over 25 years of aviation industry experience working with airlines and running her and her husband's own company, Capital Air Charter where she holds the post of Accountable Manager and Director. She has been gliding since 1984, holds an Ass Cat Instructors rating, flies an ASW20 from North Hill and has recently joined a syndicate in an Ash 25. She is also Chairman of Devon & Somerset GC and is on the board of trustees for the Devon Air Ambulance.

Dave Latimer

Dave flies his Ventus cT from Sutton Bank. He particularly enjoys cross country, wave and mountain flying. He has been gliding since 1977 and has been an active member of several clubs both small and large. Professionally, Dave has run several engineering businesses and specializes in turn-arounds and more recently start-ups.



George Metcalfe

George began gliding in 1976, entered his first competition in 1979, and in 30+ years of "Nationals" has occupied almost every position in the results! He has flown extensively in Europe and flew for TeamGB at the 2009 European Championships in Lithuania. George's past experience includes instructing and examining and he also served for 5 years as chairman of his home club, Lasham. He met his wife Jane through gliding and they have two teenage sons- one progressing well to becoming a cross-country pilot, and the other keen to start!

Andy Perkins

Andy Perkins is a BGA Regional Examiner. He has  three Diamonds, 2,500hrs gliding and is a tug pilot. He loves mountain flying and partying with glider pilots the world over.  His mission: to make gliding fun, exciting and accessible.




John Williams

John flies from Portmoak where he spent 5 years as chairman and is one of a small group of Scottish based pilots who continue to explore the boundaries of "what might still be possible but hasn't been done yet". He has an Antares glider, 2000+hrs, a BI rating and a 2,000km diploma as well as a very understanding partner, Wendy. "What more could anyone want?"





Office Bearers

In addition, the following office-bearers attend Executive Committee meetings in an ex-officio capacity:


Pete Stratten
Chief Executive

Pete, the BGA’s Chief Executive, has worked professionally in the sport since 1990. He began gliding at 14, flies an ASW20 from Windrushers GC at Bicester and is an active instructor and inspector

Tony Smith
(Company Secretary)

Tony flies at Mendip and is a relative newcomer to gliding, going solo in January 2009. He holds a GPL and also an SLMG licence. Tony had a share in a Ka6e for a while and now owns a share in an SF 25C. He is a qualified accountant and runs his own practice.

Leslie Kaye

Leslie is also Treasurer of Herefordshire Gliding Club (Shobdon) where he files a Pik-20E. He has 2 Diamonds, an Assistant Instructor rating and approaching 2,000 hours gliding and power. He is a Chartered Accountant and has a wide variety of interests including target shooting and computing .

Sub Committee and Working Group Chairs

Airspace: John Williams
Competitions: Mark Holden
Development: Diana King
Flight Operations: Ted Norman
Instructors: Don Irving
Safety: Pete Stratten
Financial Advisory: Les Kaye
Technical: Howard Torode


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