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Who are they for?

Gliding Trial Lesson Vouchers are ideal for anyone wants to experience the thrill of glider flight. You can buy one for yourself or as a gift for a friend, and they can be used at various clubs around the country. The cost of a voucher is £90. To find out more, read on. To buy a voucher now, click here or phone the BGA office on 0116 289 2956.

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What you get

  • An aero tow launch followed by a flight of approximately 20 minutes. You will experience engineless flight and will get a new view of the world. ......OR
  • 2 winch launches. You will experience the exhilaration of being launched skywards by a cable attached to a powerful winch engine. The angle of ascent and acceleration may catch you unawares at first but winching provides a reliable, low cost way of getting airborne. Depending on conditions, you should expect a launch to around 1000' followed by a 5-10 minute flight on each occasion. ........OR
  • 20 minutes in a motor glider. Here the glider will take off and climb using its own engine. Once a suitable height has been reached, this will be turned off and you will be gliding! If conditions are not suitable for soaring, the engine can be turned back on again to guarantee you your full 20 minutes worth.

More about what you get…

Your flight(s) are designed to provide an introduction to gliding. In all cases your flight will be preceded by a briefing by your pilot in command who has been specially trained and approved by the BGA to conduct these flights. You will get a real taste of this fantastic airborne sport and will have the opportunity to get a feel for the glider’s controls and handling’.

We are sure that you will thoroughly enjoy your flight (although a few pre-take off butterflies are not uncommon!) If you feel that you would like to follow your trial lesson with further flying and perhaps aim to fly solo yourself, be sure to ask your instructor for details of what your chosen club offers. Going solo is quicker and a lot cheaper than many people imagine.

How to use your voucher

Note that not all clubs operate every day of the week and that most clubs only offer some of the launch types listed above.

Select the club that appeals to you most and contact them to arrange your flight. Explain that you have a BGA trial lesson voucher and tell them which kind of flight you want to take. If you are not sure, then feel free to discuss this with them.

When the day comes, arrive at the airfield and follow any instructions given to you about where to report and what to do. Gliding is an adventurous flying activity. Although the risk is carefully managed at BGA clubs, flying in a glider is not as safe as flying in a commercial airliner and, as with anything involving machinery, there can be hazards even on the ground for the uninitiated.

Wear comfortable clothing but be prepared for cold winds on exposed airfields and, equally, for the warmth from sitting in a Perspex cockpit in bright sunshine! Sunglasses and a hat are good ideas and feel free to take a camera if you want. Friends and family who want to watch will normally be made most welcome, but do check with the individual club first. Make sure to bring your voucher with you and hand this over before the flight.

Happy gliding.

Go for Gliding

Trial Lesson

BGA-Approved Pilot in Command


Course Length


0.5-1 day

2-3 hours

Who is it for?


Someone wanting the full experience

Someone wanting to experience the thrill

How Many Flights?


Typically 6 winch or 3 aerotow launched flights

Typically 6 winch or 3 aerotow

One aerotow or two winch launched flights

1 aerotow or 2 winch launches

Where can I use the voucher?


Over 30 UK Clubs

70 UK Clubs


BGA Logbook Included





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