It’s not just temperatures soaring in the UK!

BRITISH gliding has been enjoying the record-breaking temperatures to make record-breaking long distance engineless flights across the UK.

Using the same naturally occurring currents of air that birds use to fly, glider pilots have reached heights of 10,000ft, speeds of 114kph and flown for more than ten hours non-stop – all without an engine!

Glider pilots have been harnessing the power of nature since the heatwave began on the longest day to report the longest flights ever flown by soaring across the open countryside in England, Scotland and Wales.

Four flights of more than 1,000km were flown in gliders by pilots starting from airfields in Hampshire, Leicestershire and London.  In Scotland, Santiago Cervantes flew a total of 1,500 km while Chris Gill flew the first declared 750km starting and finishing in Wales.

British Gliding Association Chief Executive Pete Stratten said: “We’re all very impressed with these recent spectacular flights by very skilful pilots!”

Anyone can experience gliding, no matter what age, physical ability or background, and pilots can go solo from 14-years-old – three years earlier than they can learn to drive.

Click here to find a gliding club near you or visit Glide Britain’s Facebook page to watch the latest gliding videos.

Photo caption: Glider pilots have been making the most of soaring temperatures by soaring long distance cross country flights as temperatures in the UK reach record highs.  (Alistair MacKenzie/British Gliding Association)


For flights details, distances, speed and locations visit the BGA Ladder or see the links below:

Andy Aveling with Gary Coppin, Lasham Gliding Society, Lasham, Hampshire.
1,010km, 10 hours 25 mins.

Richard Browne, The Gliding Centre, Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire.
1,006km, 10 hours 47 mins.

Santiago Cervantes, Scottish Gliding Centre, Portmoak, Scotland.
Total of 1,500km flown in one day.

Russell Cheetham, The Gliding Centre, Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire.
1,003km, 9 hours 24 mins

Chris Gill, Denbigh Gliding, Lleweni Parc, Wales.
750km, 8 hours 18 mins.

Tim Jenkinson, London Gliding Club, Dunstable.
1,002km, 9 hours 25 mins.


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