BRITAIN’S best glider pilots are planning on soaring to success in the 20th FAI European Gliding Championships getting under way in Prievidza, Slovakia.

The British Gliding Team is fielding five of their best who have been familiarising themselves with the terrain during tasks set in practice ahead of official racing which begins this Saturday 6th July.

The European Championship is among four international competitions being fiercely contested by the GB squad this year with the forthcoming 11th FAI Junior World Gliding Championships getting underway in Szeded, Hungary, on July 28th and the 10th Women’s World Gliding Championships being hosted by Australia at Lake Keepit in December.

The competition will see pilots from Team GB vying to fly the fastest around the course set each day to score the maximum points, using only invisible currents of rising air known as ‘lift’ to soar vast distances of hundreds of kilometres and at average speeds of around 100mph.

You can follow all the action on and keep up to date with all the latest Team GB news, scores and photographs by liking and following the British Gliding Team’s Facebook page.


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